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Beer Pong Rules - Kings Cup Rules

Beer Pong Rules

Beer pong rules, also known as “team sports” or drinking games, is popular among weekend warriors. You’ve probably never heard of this drinking game, which involves throwing ping-pong balls into cups.

This article will show you the rules of beer pong and some techniques to help you get the most out of the game.

Basics of beer pong

What Is Beer Pong?

Beer Pong, also known as ping pong, is a drinking sport played by two teams consisting of either one or two people. Teams take turns tossing ping-pong balls across the table, and try to land them in the opponent’s coupon the opposite side.

The cup is taken out of play when a ball is landed in it. The winning team will be the first to remove all of their opponent’s cups.

Objective of the game

Beer pong is won by eliminating all the cups of the other team. To eliminate an opponent’s glass, you must successfully throw a ball from the opposite end of the table. You win the game when you eliminate all your opponent’s cup. The number of cups in beer pong can vary according to house rules. We’ll stick with the official rules for beer pong.

How to Play Beer Pong

Setting up the Game

You can purchase specialized beer pong tables. These tables are available in a variety of designs, and they can be folded up for easy storage. A ping-pong will be sufficient for casual players. A beer pong should, in general, be 8 feet long.

Table Setup

Prepare yourself before you play. Prepare your materials! You’ll also need:

  • The ping-pong table
  • Disposable plastic cups 12-22 (16-ounce)
  • Ping-pong ball

Rack the cups ten on each side. It can also be played in several different formations. The most popular is the triangle.

Who Shoots first

The players use a system of volleying called “eyes” in order to determine who is the first shooter. Each team member shoots while maintaining eye contact with the opponent. The game begins with the first player to sink the shot. The next player will do the same if both players or neither sink the shot.

When playing in a tournament, you only need to use your eyes for the first match. The team that won the previous match gets to take the first shot.

Now we’ll discuss the rules you should be aware of before playing beer pong.

Official Beer Pong Rules

Beer pong rules can be contradictory. It’s because players adopt their own set of rules from different games -often unknowingly. We recommend that you discuss the rules with your team members prior to starting. Here are some basic rules.

1. Death Cup: When two balls are placed in the same cup at the same time, the game is called “Death Cup”. The other team loses automatically. Some people do not play by this rule.

2. Rollbacks: When a team or individual makes two shots simultaneously in different cups, it is called a roll-back. The other team removes the cups from the triangle after drinking both cups. The team that is shooting receives the ball and takes a second attempt. This is called “Roll-Backs”.

3. Re-Racking: During a game it can be beneficial to rearrange your cups in a new pattern. Re-racking is only allowed once or twice per game. It also prevents you from getting a redemption shot. You can re-rack in many different shapes or patterns. You can create a variety of patterns, including a triangle formation (tilted), line, diamond and sailboat.

4. Bouncing: Bouncing into the cup of the opposing team counts as two. The opposing team can swat at the ball in mid-bounce.

5. Finger or Blow: You can blow the ball out of the cup or you can finger it. If you are a man and playing against a woman, and the ball starts to go into the cup like a toilet bowl, “finger” it out quickly. As soon as the beer touches the ball, this rule is nullified. The opposite applies if you are a woman. You must have a male at the table, and you “blow” out the ball by blowing into the glass and pushing it out.

6. Redemption: The rest of the team can Redemption after a team makes all the cups for the other team. If they haven’t reset, then the rest of the team can redeem themselves. If you make all your opponent’s cup without missing, then you can redeem yourself. Doubles allows you and your partner to redeem yourself (each). The game will go to overtime if the losing team succeeds in redemption. You then arrange three cups into a triangle.

7. Elbows: A player’s shot will not be counted if, when shooting the ball, the elbow of their shooting arm goes beyond the edge of the table. It is known as “elbows”, or “bows”.

8. Celebrity Shots: When you allow a friend to shoot for you, you are taking a “celeb shot”. The only time you can “celebrate”, is once during the whole game.

9. Skunked: You can remove a cup from the game if you knock it over at any point. If one team wins the game by completing all of the cups made by the other team before the opponent, then the losing team has to run around the house naked. It is known as “getting skunked”.

10. Overtime: Overtime is played according to the same rules as regular play, but with only three cups per side instead of 10. In normal play, the team that clears the most cups first wins the first shot. Re-racks are not allowed. If you want to play fast, this is the rule for you.

Shot Techniques

You can choose from three different types of shots in beer pong. First, you can use a standard throw. It is the most accurate throw as it does not move too quickly or high. You may also want to throw in an arc. These high throws can be more difficult. They can be helpful if you are constantly hitting the cup rim and missing.

The bounced shot is the last type of shot. The ball must bounce at least once on the table before landing in the cup. It is important not to abuse the bouncing shot. If you make the shot, your opponent will drink your cup as well as another of your choosing.

You could waste your turn if they swat the ball away. Use bounce shots only when your opponent doesn’t know what you are doing and if you can play better than most players.

Beer Pong Variations

There are many variations of beer pong games that you can play to spice things up. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular.

  • Civil War

Civil War is a variation of beer pong where the table is 3×3. Players can choose from 3 to 6 cups and can quickly fire at enemy cups. The losing team has to drink the entire cup while the winning team can stop.

  • Russian Roulette

The game is made more exciting with Russian Roulette. Each team can spike one of their opponent’s cups using vodka. This is a very exciting drinking game because the defending team does not know which cup has been spiked.

  • Baseball

Baseball includes flip cups and is a more complicated beer pong game. Each team places four cups in a line to represent the bases. The batter moves to the base he secured when he makes a successful throw.

  • Wormhole

One cup on each side can be designated as the “wormhole” by using a beer of a different color (such as dark stout).

It can be strategically used to give a losing team the upper hand, but use caution! Another wormhole is on the table. Activating it at an inopportune time can undo all your gains.

  • Battleship

Install a barrier so that opposing teams cannot see the cups of each other. The teams can arrange their cups however they like, close or far away from the barrier. The players take turns tossing balls over the barrier, until one team runs out of cups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good house rules for beer pong?

Good house rules for beer pong can include “re-racking” the cups of beer into a pyramid-like formation after a certain number of cups have been hit, and allowing one trick shot per game.

Why is beer pong played with water?

Beer pong is often played with water in the cups instead of beer to maintain cleanliness as the ball often falls on the floor. The players drink from their own cups of beer or shot of liquor when an opponent’s shot lands in their cup.

Can you bounce in beer pong?

Yes, you can bounce the ball in beer pong. However, if you bounce the ball, it leaves an opportunity for the opponent to swat it away.

Wrapping Up

Beer pong can be played by anyone, regardless of their skill level. Understanding the rules and regulations as well as some variations will help you to improve your game and impress your friends. Always play responsibly, and always follow the rules. This will ensure everyone has fun. You’ll master beer pong with a bit of practice and some skills. Grab some friends and some beer, then let the games commence!

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