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Heads Up Rules: In Depth Guide to Heads Up Drinking Game - Kings Cup Rules

Heads Up Rules: In Depth Guide to Heads Up Drinking Game

Heads Up is also known as the Forehead Game. Word Up, Headbands, and many other names. But they are all the same game that uses questions, charades, or clues to help a player guess the chosen word displayed on their forehead.

You may have seen Ellen DeGeneres playing Heads Up! With guests. The app is an online version of the popular game in which the player who chooses the word holds the phone and the other players try to guess it.

If you haven’t seen or played the app, then you may have seen or played the analog version.

Let’s learn more about this fun game.

What is Heads Up?

Heads Up is a captivating and competitive fun game that has taken both the app store and public domain party games by storm. The game, characterized by its heads-up play, offers a unique twist to traditional guessing games. Whether you’re familiar with heads-up poker rules or completely new to the concept, this guide will help you understand and enjoy this exciting game.

Game Setup

Materials required:

  • A digital timer
  • Cards
  • Two devices: a mobile phone and a tablet/PC/phone
  • Zoom app

Setting up

The first time you play this party game, it takes a little time to prepare. But after that, every time, the preparation is super-fast.

  • Each player puts a headband on their head.
  • Separate the four sets. Place the decks on the table, face down.
  • Place the chips and the sand timer in the middle of the table.
  • The first player to guess will be chosen. The clues will come from the rest of the players.
  • The first guesser chooses the category of the first round.
  • A webcam for each player is needed, as this game requires that the player place his phone on the forehead. You can play this game on a laptop or a mobile device.

Heads Up Game Rules

The Heads Up normal rules are simple and easy to comprehend.

  • Each player picks a card at random from the deck. The “Heads-Up” player is the player who chooses the card that has the “Heads-Up” symbol.
  • The player who stands up turns his back on the deck and reads out loud the words, numbers, or phrases written at the top of the card, without looking. Other players will remain seated and try to explain each card using only verbal clues.
  • The “Heads-Up” player who guesses correct answers the first time receives a point and the challenge is passed to the next person. The player who has the most points wins the game.
  • To make the game more challenging, players can use their hands and mime to give hints. Many players encourage this because it makes the game more interesting.
  • The game’s goal is to provide a fun and easy way for friends and family members to improve their communication skills and deepen their friendship.

How to Play Heads Up Rules

After downloading and installing the game app version into the mobile or any other device.

Open the game by tapping on the icon that appears on your home screen. After the app has been downloaded and installed, you should see an icon on your screen.

You can open the game by tapping on the icon.

Divide players into two teams if there are more than two. The teammate provides clues while the player guesses the word. The objective is to guess the words that appear on the tablet, without having to look at them. The person who correctly guesses the words on the screen receives a point. Rhyming words are not permitted.

Choose a deck. You can choose from a variety of topics in Heads Up! You can select from a wide range of topics in Heads Up! You can discuss with your friends to determine what subject they prefer. Decks are available with celebrities, movies, and animals.

Tap Play after reading the deck description. After you tap on the deck that you want to use, you will see a description of the clues in the deck. Before starting the game, talk to the other players to see if you all agree on the topic.

Place the back of your phone on your forehead. Decide on who will go first. Then, have the person place the phone up against their forehead with the screen facing outward so their teammate can see the word. The game begins after a countdown. The phone will be placed on your forehead so that you cannot see the word but your teammate can.

If you use a tablet, it can be placed on the front of your head instead of your forehead.

If you correctly guess the word, tilt the phone downward. The teammate who is providing clues will try to do so without directly saying the word. When you get the answer right, the person providing the clues will signal. You can now tilt your phone so that its face points down toward the ground. This will capture your point.

You can skip a card if you don’t know the answer. When you are completely stumped, you can tilt your phone up to move on to the next. You won’t lose any points, but the card will not be counted towards your final score.

Continue to guess cards until time expires. For your turn, you have 60 seconds to guess the entire deck. Your points will be calculated once the timer reaches zero. Once you’ve guessed all the words on your deck, your teammate will guess the next word. It’s then your turn to hold your phone. The round is won by the person who scores the most at the end.

You can play however many rounds you like.

When playing with two or more people, the winning team will be the team that earns the most points.

How to play Heads up On Zoom

Playing Heads Up on Zoom is a fun way to enjoy the game with friends, family, or colleagues, even when you can’t be physically together. Here are the steps to play:

Gather the Players: First, you need to invite your friends or family to a Zoom meeting. Once everyone has joined, explain the rules of the game if there are new players.

Choose a Deck: In the app version of Heads Up, there are numerous categories or “decks” of cards to choose from. As a group, decide on the deck you want to play with.

Assign the “Clue Giver”: The “Clue Giver” is the person who will be guessing the words. They should share their screen via Zoom so all participants can see their screens. Make sure they select the Heads Up app after clicking the “Share Screen” button.

Start the Game: The Clue giver then selects a deck in the app and places their phone with the screen facing the webcam (so they can’t see it but others can). The participants start giving clues to the Clue giver who tries to guess the word. The Clue giver can pass a card by tilting their phone down or score a point by tilting it up.

Keep Score: The app keeps the score automatically, so at the end of each round, it will display the number of correct guesses.

Rotate Roles: After each round, rotate the role of the Clue giver so that everyone gets a turn.

Have Fun: The main objective of the game is to have fun. So, don’t forget to enjoy the silliness and the challenge of the game!

Popular categories

Act it Out: Act It Out is a game where the clue-givers try to act out the words/phrases that are on the cards.

Superstars: Each category card will have the names of celebrities. The clue-givers must describe the celebrity using only their first name.

Hey Mr. DJ: This category is a guessing game where the clue-givers try to make the guesser guess popular song names.

Dynamic Duos: Each phrase in this category is composed of two words connected by “and”. The clue givers in challenge play must describe the pair using five words or less.

Additional Rules

The original game is fun. If you want to spice things up even more, try these alternative rules!

Team Mode

Divide into teams and use these alternate rules to make it a more competitive game.

The team must consist of at least 2 players.

The Denner is one player in a team. The rules for the denner are identical to those above. The only difference is that their teammates will help them guess the answer, and the rest of the team’s players will try to confuse them with false clues.

Each team is allowed to nominate one denner for each round.

No talking

Try this alternate rule to make the game more challenging.

No one else can make any sound except the denner. They can only use their expressions and actions to help the denner guess what is written on their forehead.

Only the team of Denners can talk if you are playing with other teams. The other teams may try to distract the denner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk during Heads Up?

Yes, in Heads Up, the guesser relies on verbal clues from the other players to guess the word on the card.

Are Charades and Heads Up the same?

No, the Charades game and Heads Up are not the same. While both are guessing games, Charades relies on silent, physical cues whereas Heads Up allows for verbal clues. Additionally, Heads Up usually uses an app for gameplay while Charades can be played with just pieces of paper.

Wrapping Up

Heads Up offers an engaging and fun-filled gaming experience. Its simple rules, coupled with thrilling gameplay and fun activities, make it a must-try for parties and gatherings. So why wait? Jump into a game of Heads Up and enjoy the laughter and competition that will inevitably ensue. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious beginner, Heads Up is sure to become your new favorite game.

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