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Jenga Rules - Kings Cup Rules

Jenga Rules

Jenga, a classic game of balance and touch, will test your softness. It is an exciting tabletop game that tests your hand-eye coordination and anticipation. Players take turns taking rectangular wooden blocks out of a pile and stacking them onto a tower. But be careful! The tower will fall if you make a mistake!

Jenga Basics

Why Jenga is fun?

Jenga can be played by anyone aged 6 years and older, so is suitable for many groups. Fear and greed will drive you to either play it safe by pulling an easy piece in order to avoid yourself crashing the tower, or pull a challenging one to help the next person topple the structure. Silence and concentration are quickly replaced by cheers and grunts as the wobbly tower falls at the end of each game.

What is the goal of Jenga?

The goal of Jenga is to remove a piece from the tower and place it on top without knocking over the entire structure. The last player to successfully play a turn prior to the tower being knocked down wins the challenging game. Its also called as competitive puzzle game.

Number of players

Jenga can be played by 2 to 6 people, so that all players are able to fit around the tower.

Required skills

Take turns. Fine motor skills, and coordination. Here are more benefits.

Playing time

The length of a game of Jenga is usually determined by the intensity with which players challenge the tower and their focus on each turn.


The Jenga set includes 54 wooden pieces. The stacking guide included with the game can be used without it. However, it makes it easier to build the 18-story starting tower, which is made of three 3-block stories stacked perpendicularly to each other.

Continue reading to learn how to play drunk Jenga. You will also find out what you need and some ideas for labels.

How to Play Jenga: Step by Step Guide

Setting up

  • Empty the blocks on a flat surface.
  • This loading tray is used by one person to build the tower. They place three wooden blocks in levels at an angle of 90 degrees. You’ll end up with a sturdy 18-story structure that can double in height during play.
  • Remove the loading tray and stand it upright.

Rules to Play Drunk Jenga

It can be difficult to enjoy your beer and play Jenga at the same time. It’s not easy to balance your tower while keeping your hand and mind in control. It’s time for the party!

Rules # 1 The player is chosen, either by the youngest person or by playing rock, paper, scissors.

Rules # 2 A player carefully removes a loose Block from any random location using only one handed.

Rule #3 Follow rule written on block. It can be a rule for just the person who took out the block, or it could be a rule for everyone. The first player can be required to drink two shots standing up, or the entire group must continue drinking until the first person finishes his drink.

Rules # 4 When the player is responsible for a tower falling, it’s time for a shot.

Rules # 5 After the tower has fallen, players can choose to stop the game or rebuild the tower.

Rules # 6 Making the blocks more challenging and daring will make it a memorable game.

How to play Jenga

1. Build the tower

The Jenga board game is made up of 54 wooden blocks that are arranged in threes. This creates 18 stories tall tower. Each story is stacked vertically so it is the thinnest and lies flat. The stories are stacked in a 90-degree rotation so that the story below and above it is perpendicular to it.

2. Decide who goes first

First goes the person who built the tower. If only one person built the tower in the first game then that person starts. You can use other methods to decide who starts the game if multiple people are working together to build the same tower (youngest person, flipping a coin or odd man out). It’s not worth it to go first. The player who knocks down the tower is the first one to play the game in subsequent games.

3. Remove one block at a time

The player can only touch the tower once, and must remove a block anywhere below the highest level completed. This means that the highest level completed will be either the 2nd or lower level if it is completed with 3 pieces or the 3rd if it is incomplete with just 1 or 2 pieces.

4. Play the block pulled at top of the tower

The player then plays the block on topmost level of the tower in a perpendicular direction to the layer beneath it. The player may not begin a new stage until the previous level has 3 pieces.

5. Complete the turn

After the player has pulled and played the blocks, as described in the previous paragraph, their turn is over.

6. Continue Play Clockwise

The game continues in clockwise order to the next participant until the end.

7. End of game

When the player knocks any other blocks from the tower, and whole tower fall off then the game is over.

8. Declare the winner

The player who completes a successful turn before the tower is knocked or some blocks fall down, wins the game.

9. Next game: Set up

The next round of play is started by the person who knocks down the tower.

Variations of Jenga

The classic game of Jenga can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. However, the trdational game has many different variations.

Check out some of our favorites Jenga variants.

1. Giant Jenga

The game Giant Jenga is the first on our list. It is exactly what you think it is – a Jenga that is about five feet high.

The rules of Jenga Giant are pretty similar. Be aware that falling blocks can cause injuries to children.

2. Drinking Jenga

The next game is Drinking Jenga.

The game is essentially the exact same. The tower is still there and you play the same turn.

The Drinking Jenga Rules differ from the original in that you must write additional rules onto the wooden tiles. It’s up to you whether you want it to be naughty, nice or both. Just make sure you choose rules that are safe.

3. Throw n’ Go Jenga

Throw n’ Go Jenga is one option. It consists of colorful blocks and a six-sided dice. The game becomes more competitive when you roll the dice to determine the color of the block that you need to remove.

4. Jenga Xtreme

This version requires you to use blocks that are parallelograms. Your tower will have a new leaning form every time you play.

5. Jenga Truth or Dare

The players have to answer tricky question. Completing outrageous dares…and being the last player who can stack a block on top of the tower without it falling over!

Tips to win Jenga

  1. Have patience Move slowly. Don’t rush Jenga. When it’s your turn, take your time and pull the correct single block. You are more likely to topple a tower if you move too fast.
  2. Find the easiest blocks by gently poking the top of the tower. Test each block with a finger to locate the loosest parts. Be sure to keep the balance and reposition all blocks that you do not take.
  3. Use only one or two fingers to push or pull the tower. Avoid making any contact with it. Gently poke the middle block from the tower.
  4. Use blocks to balance the tower. Note the direction the tower tilts after you remove your block. After carefully placing your block, balance the tower.
  5. You should play to win and not build a tower high.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of jenga?

In Jenga, players must take turns stacking blocks on top of the tower without knocking it over.

How many players can play?

Jenga is best played with 2-6 people. It is more difficult to play with 6 or more players and the game is less interesting because of the long waiting between turns.

Can I remove the piece while holding the tower in my other hand?

It is not permitted to hold the tower in one hand and remove a piece. This is against the rule that you can’t touch the tower at the same time with both your hands. You can brace the tower with your forearm while playing!

Wrapping Up:

Lastly, this drinking game is also perfect as bachelorette games, bridal shower games, party gameswith friends. A Jenga game can be easily found in a store or online. It’s also affordable game and easy to set up. Follow these tips to be a Drunk Jenga master at your next event.

This fantastic tower drinking game keeps you focused and on track. A single mistake can end the game. You will have a memorable night if you play Jenga, drink a cold beer and perform dares. Play, have fun, and drink moderately.

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