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Kings Cup Rules For King When Using Beer Can

Kings Cup Rules For King When Using Beer Can

Kings Cup, often compared to the popular drinking game Beer Pong, is a beloved card game, synonymous with laughter, camaraderie, and of course, a bit of good-natured competition. Understanding the Kings Cup rules, or the house rules as some might call them, is crucial to maximize the fun, particularly when it comes to the rules for the King card and the mini-game it triggers. When you add an unopened beer can into the mix, the game takes a different, exciting twist, and your fun time is guaranteed!

So continue reading, if you too get to know the twist in this fun drinking game!

Understanding Kings Cup: A Quick Primer

What is the King’s Cup?

A deck of cards face-down around a large cup, the circle of cards signifies the beginning of the Kings Cup. Also known as Kings, this popular drinking game involves drinks, a standard deck of cards (preferably a waterproof deck to avoid messes), and a large cup – often replaced with a beer can for an added layer of fun. While the goal of the game varies, the common theme involves players drawing cards, and these cards then dictate a rule that players must follow.

Basic Kings Cup Rules

The basic rules are straightforward. Each card represents a rule or a card rule as it is commonly known. Players take turns drawing cards, and whatever the card instructs, the player must do. The twist comes in when a King is drawn, especially when playing Kings Cup with a beer can, which introduces a whole new set of game drinks.

Diving Into The Kings Cup Rules For King

  • The King Card: Its Traditional Significance

Traditionally, when a player draws a King, they pour some of their drink into the large “King’s Cup” in the center of the table. However, when an unopened beer can is used, a popular rule changes a bit.

  • The Twist: Using a Beer Can

When playing Kings Cup with a beer can, instead of pouring into the King’s Cup, the player who draws a King card takes a chug from the beer can. This causes a chain reaction among fellow players who are eagerly awaiting their turn. The game continues until all four kings are drawn, and the person who draws the fourth King must chug the remainder of the beer can.

Think of Rules for Kings

  1. The “little green man” rule is played. Players are asked to imagine a little man on their cup. They must simulate removing the green man every time they drink, and then putting him back. They will receive an extra penalty drink if they do not. It’s an additional card rule that adds another layer of fun to this perfect drinking game.
  2. Use the “three D’s rule“. This rule prohibits players from using the words “drink”, ‘drunk’ or ‘drunk’ for the duration of the game. A player who accidentally says “drink”, “drank” or “drunk” must drink a penalty.
  3. Use the “opposite-hand” rule. This rule states that right-handed people can only use their left hand to pick up their cup, and left-handed people can only use their right. A player who is caught with their right hand picking up the cup must drink a penalty.
  4. The “no-pointing” rule is self-explanatory. Players cannot point at anything or anyone during the entire game. They must drink a penalty if they break the rule.
  5. The “no-touching” rule is played. Players must choose a part of the body (lips or hair, ears etc.). No one can touch the body part for the entire game. If a player touches a forbidden part of their body, they must take a drink as a penalty.
  6. Use the “no swearing” rule. This is pretty self-explanatory. Players must not swear while they are playing the game. A player who swears must drink a penalty. It might be helpful to compile a list of allowed swear words before starting the game.
  7. Use the “nickname rule. Each player receives a nickname when the game begins. If a player fails to refer to another by their nickname at any time, they will face a penalty

Step-by-step Guide To Implementing The King Rule With A Beer Can

Setting Up the Game

Setting up the King’s Cup with a beer can is the same as a regular game, but instead of a Kings Cup in the center, place an unopened beer can.

Playing with the Beer Can Rule

When a player draws a King card, they take a chug from the beer can. When a player draws the fourth King, they finish the remainder of the beer can, and this ends the game.

However, when playing with beer cans, there are a few extra rules to keep in mind. Here are the Kings Cup rules for King when using beer cans:

  • First, set up the game by arranging a deck of cards in a circle around a can of beer. Each card has a rule that players must follow. The King card is one of the most important cards in the game. When you play with beer cans and draw the King card, you have to follow a few extra rules.
  • When a player draws a King card, they become the King. The player who draws the fourth and final King card must drink the entire beer can in the middle of the circle. However, each player who draws a King card can add a small amount of their drink to the beer can in the middle, before someone draws the final King card.
  • The player who draws the first King card becomes the Thumb Master. This player can place their thumb on the table at any time during the game, and the last player to follow suit must drink. The Thumb Master can continue to do this throughout the game until another player draws a King card and becomes the new Thumb Master.
  • The player who draws the second King card must choose a category, such as types of beer or countries, and each player must take turns naming something within that category. The first player who cannot think of something to name must drink.
  • The player who draws the third King card must choose a mate, who must drink whenever they drink for the rest of the game. If the mate fails to drink when their partner drinks, they must drink twice.

Strategy For The King Card With A Beer Can

When you’re playing Kings Cup with a beer can, remember that the King card isn’t something to fear – unless you’re nearing the end of the game and the beer can is almost empty!

Avoiding Common Mistakes

One common mistake in Kings Cup with a beer can is forgetting the rule and pouring your drink into the can instead of taking a chug. Remember, the beer can replace the communal cup.


Always drink responsibly. You should not use the King’s Cup as an excuse for drinking dangerously. You should stop someone from drinking because they are following the rules, but shouldn’t be.

One should only play this game if you are over the legal drinking age in your country (21 in the US, 18 in most other countries).

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Set Up A King In The Corner?

Each player will receive seven cards. Stockpile the rest of the cards on the table. Turn the top four cards over and place one card on each side of the deck – north, south east, west. These piles will form the foundation.

How To End The Drinking Game King’s Cup?

You can end the King’s Cup in two different ways. You must decide in advance which way you will end the game. When you use all the cards, you can choose one way. Place a can at the center, and push each card until the tab cracks or hisses. The game is over and the person that cracked the can must drink the contents.


Understanding the Kings Cup rules, particularly when using a beer can for the King card, can transform your usual Kings Cup game into a unique and fun-filled experience. So, at your next gathering, introduce these Kings Cup with beer can rules and let the fun unfold. Enjoy the game responsibly and remember that the aim is to have fun!

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