Kings Cup Rules Drinking Game: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

At some point, every group of friends finds themselves with their backs against the wall, unable to think of a fun and exciting activity for their get-together. There’s no need to beat around the bush: Kings Cup Rules also known as Ring of Fire, Circle of Death or simply “Kings”, is the perfect card-based drinking game to liven up any social gathering.

What is the King’s Cup Drinking Card Game?

Kings Cup is a popular classic college drinking game that’s played by college students. However, it can be enjoyed and adapted to suit people of any age. It is a simple, yet entertaining game that has been played for generations. King’s Cup is a classic party game that uses a standard deck of cards and a large vessel (the ‘King’s Cup’). Each card represents a rule which must be followed. The rules are the beating heart of this game, making it a riot of fun and unpredictable events. It’s a sure-fire way to keep the party lively and entertaining.

There was little disagreement on the rules for most King’s Cup Cards. However, we have offered some alternatives in case you want to play the game with more sausage or less bun. In this guide, you will learn how to host a drinking party with kings cups for fun and laughter the next time you get together with friends.

Things Need To Play Kings Cup

  • A vessel: The vessel is the first, and perhaps most important, element in the King’s Cup. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your mom’s china vase or a kettle. It only needs to be watertight, and hold a large amount of liquid. The more funny the vessel, the better it is when the loser must drink its contents. Give the house a thorough inspection, it will be well worth it.
  • A deck of cards: There’s nothing better than an old-fashioned pack of cards. Remove the jokers and shuffle the cards. Spread them out in a circular pattern around the vessel. Be sure that each card touches its neighbor so that the cards form a circle. Double check that you have the four kings. Otherwise, your game will end with a big anti-climax.
  • A few friends: King’s Cup is best played by 4-10 players, but it really doesn’t matter. You’ll all get angry, whether there are two of you or fifty-two.
  • Drinks: Well… we’re not here for spiders.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to get everyone really drunk really fast, much like the thrill of watching the multiplier in the aviator game climb, knowing the higher it goes, the greater the reward—or the fall. It should be obvious that if you do not want to get really drunk, don’t participate. It’s not cool to refuse to drink the Cup after the game. This is a game with high rewards and high risks, so you can play it at your will.

  1. The host always plays first. He is a victim. Poor guy, he’s going to be cleaning up after all of you losers.
  2. Each player then pulls one card at a time from the chain, going clockwise. From Ace to King, each card represents a particular action. We’ll explain what they are in the next section.
  3. You continue to play until there are no more cards or, in most cases, the last king is removed from the deck. Simple
  4. If a player breaks a circle by pulling a single card, they must finish the drink.
  5. It’s a good way to add some spice in the beginning of the game. Announcing the card you draw should also be a standard. This keeps everyone on track and makes you accountable for the card you are dealt.

Essential King’s Cup Rules With Variations

The general rules of the drinking game King’s Cup and their meanings are listed below.

Ace – Waterfall

This is a universal game. The person who drew the ace is required to tell everyone ‘Waterfall’, and then start drinking.The group will follow their lead and only stop drinking when the person to their left has finished or your drink is empty.

The person who chose the card is in full control and can decide to stop drinking at any time. The player on their left can then decide to stop drinking and so on until everyone has stopped.


The person who pulls the card will choose a friend to drink two sips of their beverage. We often swap out two for an alternate rule.

Alternate Rule: The question game – The player who pulls out the card, turns around and asks a question to another player (usually in a way that is subtle or direct).

Three – Me

The person who pulls out the three-card must take three swigs from their drink. We’ve found an alternative to the boring old one.

Alternate Rule: Two lies, one truth – The person who draws the card must tell two lies and then the group will decide which of the two is a lie. If they guess correctly, he drinks. If not, he is safe.

Four – Whores

The four-card rule is probably the most tasteless. It asks all of the women present to take a sip from their drinks. If there aren’t any lovely ladies in the room, or you don’t feel like calling all of the girls a whore. We have an alternative rule.

Alternate Rule: Never Have I Ever – A classic, each person puts their four fingers up in the air, and in a clockwise motion, they say something that they have never done. The group must each put down a finger if anyone has done it. The first person to place all four fingers on the table gets four swigs.

Five – Who’s Most Likely

Five is one of the most disputed rules. It’s often ‘Bust a Jive (lame)’ or ‘Never Have I Ever.’ We’re using the game “Who’s Most likely” for the official list. The player who is drawing the card says something like “who most likely is in jail” or, “who most likely is divorced more than twice”. After a short countdown, players vote by pointing at the person they think is most likely. The loser of the vote must then take five swigs.

Six – Dicks

Any six-card results in the men playing swigging their drinks. Here’s another alternative.

Alternate Rule: Make a Rule – In the popular drinking game “Make a Rule,” the person who draws any six cards invents a rule that everyone must follow or drink. For example, “everyone now must drink with their left hand,” or “you may only refer to other players by their mothers’ names.” Once another six is drawn, the previous rule is canceled and replaced with a new one. An interesting twist to the game could involve using online casino paypal for placing bets or purchasing additional game accessories, making the experience even more exciting. After another six is drawn, the old rule is nullified and replaced with a new one.

Seven – Heaven

The person who draws the seven must point up immediately without saying a word. Last one to join in and point towards heaven will have to drink. This rule is a good way to keep people focused on the game.

Eight – Mate

This is a real cracker. The person who draws the eighth card can choose anyone else to be his or her mate.’ The two will drink whenever they want or need to. Oh, and building up is also a thing. The more, the better.

Nine- Rhymes

This card is fun depending on the creativity of your group. The person who draws the card says that they have the 9, and then says a phrase. The game continues around the circle, with each player having to rhyme the original word. The player who takes too long or doesn’t rhyme with the original word will get a large swig of their drink. How good.

Alternate Rules: Truth or Dare. If you want to do something different or if your friends don’t have much resourcefulness, then this card is for you.

Ten- Categories

Ten is a favorite among King’s Cup participants. It represents the game of Categories. The person who draws the card chooses a specific category, e.g. You can choose from categories such as movie genres, beer types, or some positions. Then, you move around to the left of the circle, and each person says something related to the category. You can drink if you don’t have anything to say or you repeat yourself.

Jack – Beer Bitch

This is our personal favorite. The Beer Bitch is whoever pulls the Jack. The Beer Bitch is responsible for the drinking needs of all players, while they call him Beer Bitch.The responsibility for the Beer Bitch is transferred to another player if they use the real name of the Beer Bitch or pull another Jack.

Queen – Question Master

The Queen card is another oldie but a goodie. It represents the Question Master. The Question Master is the person who pulls this card until another Queen is pulled or another player calls him/her by name.

The Question Master can make players drink if they answer one of his questions. The Question Master might ask, “What is this card?”. If another player answers “Queen = question master”, that player will have to drink. Enjoy this game.

Alternate Rule: Queasy creation – If the queen is drawn, you can combine three drinks on the table to make a shot. Then you choose who will drink it.

King- King’s Cup

We’re here because of this. The player that draws the King must pour his entire drink in the King’s Cup which is located in the middle.As each King is drawn, the vessel slowly fills with a threatening concoction, which dramatically raises stakes.

The King’s Cup is awarded to the person who pulls the final card, the fourth King. Then, the players must take their vessel/chalice and place it in the middle of the table. This is very regal. The game is officially over once the King has been crowned and the final King has been pulled.

Alternate Rule: The Double King’s Cup – This is a slightly different rule that allows players to double their King’s Cup fun. The player must add the drink into the vessel and then scull the King’s Cup after removing the second King from the circle. The cup is then refilled with the third card of the King and is ready to be sculpted by the final and fourth King.

Other Fun Drinking Games Rules

Basic And Additional Rules For King’s Cup

  • No names are allowed to be called any more
  • You are not allowed to point anyone at.
  • Only the left hand can touch your beverage
  • You cannot say “yes” and “no” anymore
  • You cannot look at a particular person in the eye
  • The letter “s” is no longer allowed to be used”
  • Cheers before drinking

There are dozens of funny ideas to get you started

Where To Buy A Card Game Set?

You only need a deck of cards to play this classic card game. You can choose from a variety of versions. However, we recommend you purchase a waterproof deck.
It is a terrible thing when you ruin your cards because of a spill or condensation. Some of the drinking card games are not waterproof, but they are still fun.
There are many variations of the rules, as I mentioned above.

Tips And Strategies

King’s Cup can be a challenging drinking game. Here are some strategies and tips to help you, your friends and family get the most from your game.

  • Be ready: Before you begin playing, make sure that you have the right equipment. You will need a deck, a large container or cup, and lots of drinks.
  • Learn the rules: Before you begin playing, take the time to understand all the rules. You will avoid confusion and the game will run smoothly.
  • Stay focused: King’s Cup can be a distraction, especially when you’re drinking. Avoid getting distracted and try to focus on the game.
  • Play with strategy: Certain cards are stronger than others. Save them for the times when you need them. The Ace card, for example, can be used as a way to create a waterfall that can get everyone drinking all at once.
  • Be creative: King’s Cup’s basic rules are similar, but there’s room for creativity. You can come up with new rules and variations to the game.
  • Drink responsibly: Take care of yourself, your friends and drink responsibly. It’s important to take a break if someone becomes too drunk or uncomfortable.
  • Safe Play: You can ensure that you and your friends have a safe and fun King’s Cup experience by following these tips. Grab some drinks and gather your friends to start playing!

Frequently Asked Question

What are the 5 rules in the King’s Cup?

In most versions, when a player picks a 5 card, it’s “Bust a Jive” time.

What happens if you break the circle in the King’s Cup?

Traditionally, the player who breaks the circle must finish their drink or take a penalty, as determined by the group.

What is the King in the King’s Cup?

In the King’s Cup, when a player draws a King, they can create a new rule that must be followed for the rest of the game.

What would happen if people decided not to obey the King’s rules?

King’s rules must be followed. Those who don’t obey may have to face penalties decided by the group, typically involving extra drinking.

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Wrapping Up

King’s Cup Rules can be a fun way to enjoy drinks with friends. The simple rules of this game and the endless variations make it perfect for any event. King’s Cup can be played at any occasion, whether it’s a party or a simple get-together with friends. Know your limits and drink responsibly. While having fun and staying safe is important, it’s also essential to be responsible.

Well, it is considered that there are many non-alcoholic options that you can choose from if you don’t want to drink alcohol. You can create your own variations and rules to make it more interesting and unique. The King’s Cup is the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family. Grab some drinks and enjoy! Cheers!