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What Are The Rules To Kings Cup Drinking Game?

What Are The Rules To Kings Cup Drinking Game?

King’s Cup is also known as Ring of Fire or Circle of Death. It’s a Popular drinking game that’s been around for many years.

This is a fun icebreaker that’s great for groups who don’t know each other well. It’s also a good way to get close friends together. The game gets everyone involved a good level of drunk, and it helps the group discover each other’s wild side.

Well what are the rules to Kings Cup Drinking game? Indeed this article will explain the classic way of playing the King Cup. The classic game is always a good choice. There’s never a bad time. Everyone will know the king’s Cup Rules, even if they’ve played a slightly modified version of it before. A Waterproof deck of cards use for this drinking game. Each card has a set of rules. Basic Rules are always predetermined.

Before the game begins, players often argue over what the cards mean. It’s part of the game. Moreover, there are a variety of Rules. We also have added some latest and alternate rules for when you want something different. Here are some of the most popular rules.


This Fun drinking game King’s Cup is played by drawing Deck of cards from the pile in the center of the table. This continues until no more cards are left. The person who is the last to be unable to draw a single card has no choice but to drink the liquid in the cup at the center of the table. The loser is the person who drinks from the cup of the King.

What Are The Common Rules?

In this section, you will find various card rules and meanings of this mini game. Each card links with a drink or action.

  • Ace is Waterfall: After the player who draws the Ace begins to drink, the person on their left will start, and so on until everyone has drunk. You don’t stop drinking until your neighbor does.
  • 2 is You: Pick up the two and pick someone to drink from the fellow players.
  • 3 is Me: If you draw this, then you’re the unfortunate one or the incredibly lucky one who must drink.
  • 4 is Floor: Everyone must point to the floor and the last person to do so will have to drink.
  • 5 is jive, or bust the jive: The player who draws the five must create a dance step, then the player on their right must copy this move and add onto it. It continues like this until someone makes a mistake, then they have to take a drink.
  • 6 is chicks: It is the opposite of five. When a six card is selected, all girls will drink.
  • 7 is Heaven: This game will test your reflexes. All players have to raise their hand and the last player to do so must drink.
  • 8 is Mate. I don’t believe that this is what the mate wants. This card allows the person to select another player for a drink.
  • 9 is rhyme: A challenge for everyone. Each player must choose a word and then, starting from the person on their left, each other member of the group must find a rhyme for it. Anyone who cannot come up with a rhyme has to drink.
  • 10 is Categories: This is a good way to find out who lives under a rock. The player who chooses the ten picks a category, such as TV shows or breakfast foods. Each player must say something about the category, starting with their neighbor to the right.
  • Jack makes a Rule: A Jack card is a power card. It gives the player, the right to create a rule.
  • Queen is Questions: Pick up the queen and ask a question. The person receiving the question must answer it with another question, until no one can think of any more questions.
  • King is King’s Cup: It is the name of the game. Draw the first three kings, and then pour a little of your drink in the King’s Cup. The player whose final king is drawn must drink the entire cup.

You now know the rules. The first person picks up a single card and follows the rules. Continue picking cards in a circular pattern until the last king is chosen.

Latest Rules: Create A Rule For The Best King’s Cup

When you play Kings Cup using the standard rules, the game becomes even more exciting when someone pulls the ” Create a Rule ” card. It gets more difficult to come up with new rules as your alcohol intake increases. We’ve all been there. That’s why this list was created to spice up the King’s Cup game. We have collected some new rules to the “Make A Rule Card” in Kings Cup: Card Drinking Game. Without any doubt, these new rules will make your party a wild game night that no one will forget.

Here is our ultimate list for new Kings Cup Rules to make the already fun game even better. However, you can add your favorite rule as well.

1. Majestic Rule

Everybody must use the “we” form to refer to themselves. As an example, “I need to go to the bathroom” becomes “We need to go to the bathroom”. This rule is a great way to honor the Kings of Kings Cup!

2. Do Not Show Your Teeth While Laughing

It’s pretty self-explanatory: If someone laughs they will not be showing teeth. If not, they have to drink.

3. The Forehead Master Rule

The Thumb master rule states that the person who has touched the table with their forehead must drink. This rule gets better the more drunk the players get.

4. The Nickname Rule

The person to the left of you can be called by a nickname. So long as the rule remains in place, everyone must use their nickname. If use the real name instead of nicknames, then the person using the real name will have to drink alcoholic beverages.

5. The Dictator’s Rule

The dictator can lick the card and stick it on his forehead. So long as the card is stuck to his forehead the dictator can set any rules he likes and ignore any rule. All the rules set by the Dictator are removed when the card is removed from his forehead. The immunity of the dictator is then lost. Once the card is on his forehead, the dictator cannot touch it!

6. T-Rex Rule

Everybody must keep their elbows close to their bodies like a T-Rex. Hands cannot be extended. The person who violates this rule will have to drink and roar like a dinosaur!

7. Penguin Rule

All participants must hold their elbows close to their bodies and can only use their palms to touch objects. Also this rule will make drinking really difficult.

8. The In Love Rule

When someone gives a drink to a person during Kings Cup, they must pretend to love the person and say “Please drink, my honey“.

9. Kevin Rule

Kevin is the new name for everyone. If anyone breaks this rule, then they must drink. However, you can substitute “Kevin” with any other name.

10. The Lava Rule for Your Mobile Phone

The person who set the rule can send a message. The person who touched their phone must also take a drink.

As an alternative, the person can reveal the number of someone on their phone who does not take part in the game. The King’s Cup players can send a message.

11. One-Night Stand Rule

The name of the player must be that of the person with whom they slept. This rule can lead to embarrassing situations. That’s fantastic!

12. Shit Bitch Rule

Each sentence must begin with Shit, and end with Bitch. If a player forgets these words, they must drink.

13. The Rule of the Foreign Ministers

Only the Foreign Minister can speak to those in the room that are not playing the King’s Cup. If you want to speak with someone who is not playing the game, then must contact the Foreign Minister. If someone breaks this rule, then drink!

14. Harry Potter Rule

You can only address anyone as Mr. Potter and with a British accent. The player who uses another name must drink. He must say, “Please excuse Mr. Potter. This drink will be gone immediately.” EVANESCO! And with a British accent, of course.

15. The #Hashtag rule

Each player’s sentence must begin with ” hashtag“. If you do not hashtag your sentence, will #drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the King’s Cup?

Kings Cup is a drinking game that involves drawing cards and completing various drinking-related actions.

What are the King Cup rules?

The players take turns stating things they never did, in an attempt to get the other players to place their finger down. Continue to take turns until everyone has their fingers down. Also, this entire game has endless variations that makes it a more ideal game.

What happens if I break the King’s Cup?

It is not the goal to draw the last King, because drawing the last King means that you will have to drink the King’s Cup. You must drink if you break the card circle.

Wrapping up

Overall it’s a fantastic game. In my view, King’s Cup is not just a drinking game; it’s a classic party starter that brings people closer, sparks laughter, and creates unforgettable memories. However, it’s important to remember the spirit of the game is to have fun, not to get out of hand. Drink responsibly and ensure everyone in your group is comfortable with the game rules. So, Gather up your friends and pour your favorite drink to make the King’s Cup your ultimate party night! Have a fun time.

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